Everything You Need to Know About PlayStation Vue


PlayStation Vue is a brand new streaming service offered by the Sony PlayStation company. The service initially launched in early 2015 and has been expanding its user base—and its features—ever since that release. PlayStation Vue may be the newest on the scene, but it has been making waves due to Sony’s announcements regarding unique features that take it a few steps ahead of the competition. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about PlayStation Vue.

It is only available to PlayStation users

Unlike streaming services such as NetflixHulu  Amazon Prime and more, PlayStation Vue is exclusive to users of the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 systems. Users who do not have these consoles cannot, at least at this time, access PlayStation Vue.

However, some insiders have suggested that Sony may be planning to expand PlayStation Vue—or at least certain aspects of the service—outside of the PlayStation system user base sometime in the future. Since the service has just launched, that may not happen for months or potentially a year or more.

It is the first company to offer a la carte cable channels

The announcement that garnered PlayStation Vue international attention was the announcement that revealed it would be offered a la carte cable channels to its users. In fact, Sony is the first company to offer its users the ability to pick what channels they wanted to watch rather than forcing them to buy bundles which include channels they have no interest in.

The one downside to this feature is that the selection is currently limited. This is due to the fact that Sony must secure special contracts with networks in order to allow users to subscribe without a traditional cable bundle—and some channels are notorious for resisting the wave of streaming services and user choice.playstation-vue-channels-live

There are different purchasing tiers

In addition to allowing users to pick a la carte channels, PlayStation Vue offers three different purchasing tiers. The tiers are as follows:

Access Tier, which currently costs $49.99 per month, give users access to 50 channels. These channels include SyFy, VH1, CNN, NBC, and much more. Access is considered the most basic of the three tiers, similar to a basic cable subscription.

Core Tier, which currently costs $59.99 per month, give users access to a few more channels; right now, the differences between Access and Core are not altogether that great, but Sony has revealed that they are still building up the Core service to include more sports channels, more movie channels, and more premium channels.

Elite Tier, the highest of all the tiers, which currently costs $69.99 per month. The Elite tier includes all of the channels available to both Access and Core users, as well as many premium channels unavailable to those users. More services are also expected to be added to the Elite Tier as Sony is still continuing to add new features, channels and benefits to its higher tiers of service.play-station-vue-my-shows-recently-aired-american-dad

Big Bang Theory Trivia: 20 Things You Didn’t Know


Now in its ninth season and already renewed for a tenth, the Big Bang Theory is quickly becoming one of the most successful comedies on television. But even if you’ve watched all eight aired seasons and then some, there’s a good chance you didn’t know any of the following:

  1. Out of all of the main characters, Penny is the only one who has yet to have her last name revealed.
  2. For the majority of filming, Leonard’s glasses don’t have any frames in them.
  3. Creator Chuck Lorre liked Jim Parsons addition for the part of Sheldon Cooper so much that he had him return to do a second one immediately after. Lorre saw him as the perfect fit and gave him the part on the spot. Sheldon is now one of the most-loved characters in the series.
  4. While the majority of the main cast play doctors, out of all of the recurring members only Mayim Bialik has a PHD (in Neurobiology). In interviews, she said she put it in her acting portfolio not knowing it would help her score what is now one of her most successful parts.
  5. Mayim Bialik suffered from a hand injury in 2012 and had to wear a hand brace for many of the episodes during season six. Her cast was concealed with various means of camera angles and props.


  1. The two primary characters who begun the series, Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter, were named after producer Sheldon Leonard who passed away in 1997.
  2. The Theremin, which is considered one of the hardest instruments to play, is often played by the character of Sheldon in the series. Jim Parsons (who plays Sheldon) has admitted that it’s actually him playing.
  3. An interview with the cast revealed that the actors of Amy, Sheldon, and Leonard actually had to learn their instruments for the show. Amy plays harp and Leonard plays cello.
  4. Kaley Cuoco (who plays Penny) suffered a broken leg from a horseback riding accident and missed filming for some of the season four episodes. Due to her cast, when she first returned to make up for the filming she missed, she was standing behind a counter.
  5. The character of Penny has been using the same purse since the first season.
  6. Producers of the Big Bang Theory found out during the third season on air that the country of Belarus was producing a rip off show called The Theorists. They couldn’t proceed with legal action as the show was basically owned by the Belarus government. But, once the word got out that the show was a copy, the actors for The Theorists quit.
  7. Despite Jim Parsons playing the character of Sheldon, who is a huge Star Trek and Doctor Who fan, Jim has admitted that he’s never watched either of the shows in real life.
  8. Executive producer of the show, Bill Prady, based the character of Raj’s inability to talk to females (unless drunk) on one of his old co-workers when he worked at a computer company.
  9. On the show, Jim’s character Sheldon refuses to drive. In real life, Jim gets motion sickness easily and prefers to drive.
  10. The character of Sheldon has often been accused of having some type of Autism, but the creators have persistently denied that. Even though Sheldon behaves oddly, the writers say he doesn’t have any mental disabilities. Despite this, Jim Parsons (who plays Sheldon) has said that he acts as if Sheldon did have such an issue.
  11. Viewers who watch closely can see that whenever the characters are supposedly walking up/down the stairs in the apartment building, each level is just the same set redressed. The lamps and scuff marks on floors two, three, and four give away the fact that they are all the same level.  big-bang-theory-image2
  12. Kevin Sussman who plays the owner of the comic book store in the series actually worked at a comic book store prior to becoming an actor.
  13. The children’s song Soft Kitty that is frequently sung to Sheldon throughout the series is actually based on an Australian song from the pre-school of Bill Prady’s daughter.
  14. Carol Ann Susi played Howard’s mother throughout the series. While never seen on camera, her voice became very prominent across many seasons. The only time she was actually shown was during season five as the camera pans up from the roof top, but her face still wasn’t shown. When Carol died in real life, the show had Howard’s mother pass away.
  15. Even though Sheldon’s system for knocking and calling Penny’s name three times has become part of his behavior on the show, he actually was seen knocking normally early on the first season, meaning his OCD knocking habit was developed later on.